Monday, September 21, 2009

Just Another Quick-Hitting Ateneo Blue Eagles Post

My man Japeth feeling the awesomeness
(Sorry for the thumbnail-like size, darn these photographers, they don't allow people to download the original photos. Sheesh.)

Okay, a week ago I just wrote about one of the greatest games I have ever watched. Yesterday's Final Four match with UST will also go down that list. Another incredible experience, and I feel very lucky and fortunate that Ateneo has been such a superb team these last two years. Some things of interest that make the match qualify for best game ever honors:

  • Eric Salamat's "steal fiesta" - I've already said he's a joy to watch when he's on, and yesterday he put on a defensive showcase. In the 2nd quarter, there was one stretch where he generated like 4 or 5 straight steals, which is just plain crazy shit. Nobody's allowed to ballhawk that well. I love me some Man of Steal.
  • Jai Reyes - Nonoy for President (a great site written by hilarious Ateneans, my kind of bloggers) mentions how Jai has proved them wrong about him not being successful in the big college leagues because of his height. Jainamite's floor leadership is at par with the best point guards in the league, and his shooting form and touch is just perfecto mundo.
Stroke of a genius.

  • Nonoy Baclao - A healthy Nonoy is a beast. Two more games remaining in Noy's college career and already I am feeling that I'll miss him and his defense the most.
  • Pido Jarencio's coaching - Or lack of. He just didn't have any sort of discernible strategy out there. Well, he's always effective in getting Rabeh Al-Hussaini in foul trouble (helped in part by Rabeh's childish bumbling) but other than that he's wasting the talent of his kids by playing that professional-style one-on-one basketball. Teach the kids some team play, coach. Either way, we're always going to enjoy Coach Norman whipping Coach Pido's ass, if ever Pido still sticks around for next season.
  • Kirk Long's jets - Seriously, he has this videogame-like turbo button where he just literally flies past everybody down court. It's shocking to see in person.
  • Dylan Ababou - He's a great talent and I'm both sad and glad that he already played his last game. The Smart Gilas team will need him. Thanks for all the tremendous battles, 'Bou, and good luck in your career.
  • Being in - Haha, this is rather obnoxious, but our pictures in this game are much, much better than our photos when we were sb*ititting courtside. You can find it here, here, here and here (we're always a little hidden at the back, so don't mistake us for the old geezers) plus this one, the best shot we got:
Where am I in this? I'm not freely giving out my true identity, just yet.

As me and my buddies always love to say: WE'RE GOING TO THE FINALS!!! See you there Sunday. Or earlier if I find it in my lazy ass self to write that preview I was planning to.


TDzilla said...

Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!

blue_davis said...

Haha thanks TD! OBF! :)

TDzilla said...

Good luck to you my friend. I saw the flood pics in PtR. I hope you and your family are alright.

blue_davis said...

Thanks, man. We're doing okay, and everyone's safe but cleaning's been a bitch. But I shouldn't complain much, because others had it worse. We're lucky to still have our house in good shape.