Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JMDP Roolz America

Another non-American emerging? Yes way, tennis has really gone internacionale.

Wow. So another elite challenger to the throne has emerged. I promised before not to sourgrape this time because the person I'm rooting for lost, so congratulations to Juan Martin del Potro for winning the US Open and ending Roger Federer's five straight US Open titles. JMDP had an unbelievable run in this tournament, and is a likeable guy compared to say, one brash Andy Murray who couldn't even make it to the quarterfinals.

Anyway, I have some stuff coming up for this dead-water nook of the webspace. First, I'll be writing my hack, useless preview of the Ateneo Blue Eagles for the finals (yes, I am assuming we will get in despite still having to play the University of Santo Tomas Tigers... blame Pido Jarencio for that one), which I always have fun doing. Fuck the armchair analysts, you'll get all the analysis and whatever shiznit you'll need here.

Also, I figured to have regular features on "non-superstars" or yeah, as the title of this blog suggests, roleplayers, just so I can save face on my shameless out-of-topic sports postings. I'm still deciding on who to feature though. I already have a local athlete in mind, and another one who's from the NBA. Anyway, these all depend on my free time and more importantly, motivation. They need to make a juice or whatever stuff that pumps these motivation levels in your blood.

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